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180th One Hour Game Jam (06 Oct 2018)

Theme: Falling
Started: 06 Oct 2018 at 20:00 (16 entries)
Fall to Hell by gabed Fall to Hell
by gabed

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to prolong your descent into hell.

Falling from the clouds by laguna Falling from the clouds
by laguna

The trick with flying is not to crash. Try to fly as long as possible! AD or Arrows

1hr hero by 66gramms 1hr hero
by 66gramms

This is my first entry for a game jam also first 1hr entry. I thought 1hr will be a lot more... It wasn't enough, had fun tho' nice challange

Diving Dove by frodewin Diving Dove
by frodewin

Guide the suicidal dove towards the ground.

Rainfall by pertrosfoliea Rainfall
by pertrosfoliea

It's in scratch :3 I suddenly remembered OHGJ, and quickly made this in ~30 minutes. But I made something! First and worst of many, I hope :D

Raining dogs by Ido Adler Raining dogs
by Ido Adler

Avoid the balloon from falling at all cost! Drag the dogs out

Free Fall by PUARSLIBURF Free Fall

You're falling, alright! (Arrows to move)

Trackfall by daspanjo Trackfall
by daspanjo

The train has to get to the other side! Help building a bridge!

Faller by wetdesertrock Faller
by wetdesertrock

Don't go off the screen! Get a high score! Collect blue things! Arrow keys, space to jump. Other platform is .love file.

3 Objects Falling by astorek86 3 Objects Falling
by astorek86

You control three Squares and must avoid those red Squares. Left/Right for 1st Object, Up/Down for 2nd Object, Mouse for 3rd Object. And Yes, it's overcomplicated^^. EDIT: New Version uploaded after Jam. Just a few Finetunes, but Gameplay is exactly the same: - Controls are always WASD *and* Arrow-Keys at the same time. - Screenshot after Gameover, so you can see which Square didn't survived ;)

Natural Selection by séb2g Natural Selection
by séb2g

To stay alive, you need to be the best one of the batch. Yeah, that's how life works

The Beauty of a Falling Leaf by sergiocornaga The Beauty of a Falling Leaf
by sergiocornaga

Press space to drift in the wind.

Don't jump in head first!
by Mosslike

Avoid the boulders

Logmaster by let-off-studios Logmaster
by let-off-studios

Press LEFT or RIGHT to stay on the log. Collect cupcakes. Don't fall. Try for a high score. Plays in nearly every browser. Enjoy!

OH MY GOAT! by haharo OH MY GOAT!
by haharo

A goat is falling, he has to avoid the hawks and catch some coins lol

Time Your Fall
by Mimarik

Instructions are hopefully understandable in the game. The only build provided is Linux, if you want to play the game on another platform, you'll need Allegro to run it. My first actually creative project using Allegro, so it took more than an hour (not 6 days, however, I can assure you, I was just busy) to complete, but I wanted to finish the game, as I would consider the idea more creative than most of my 1HGJ ideas. Both links point to the same Dropbox folder, just launch the files as appropriate.

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