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Theme: X vs Y
October 13th 2018

12 Games

A W Left Right
by griffinbro

a left w up down down right right

XvsY by Ido Adler XvsY
by Ido Adler

Click only the correct letters

XvY by wersady XvY
by wersady

Use left mouse to place X's and right mouse to place Y's. Touch the X to move horizontal and vice versa. Press space to enter play mouse and control the player with arrow keys. Press space again to enter edit mode and reset the level. Enjoy!

XVY by ninjaphil3 XVY
by ninjaphil3

Prevent an all-out nuclear war!

Human vs. Computer! (It Human vs. Computer! (It's actually rock paper scissors)
by aphid98

Press R, P, or S to choose between rock paper and scissors, Wait a bit, and you just might win absolutely nothing!

Arrow spammer by finbobby123 Arrow spammer
by finbobby123

‚ÄčA 2 player game where the aim is to spam either X or Y to move an arrow left or right. The first player to pass the line wins.

X vs Y #wayTooMany
by FabiClawZ

Player X (blue): WASD Player Y (red): Arrow keys

Curses Versus Purses
by Mimarik

The instructions for your pickpocketing adventure will be available in the game after you focus the canvas and press a key.

by im_a_good_boye

now this is epic

X vs Y by DivineOmega X vs Y
by DivineOmega

You are X. Evade the Ys.

DuckVHammer by Anakin DuckVHammer
by Anakin

There are Ducks, you have a hammer. WASD, mouse to aim and hit

X vs. Y by frodewin X vs. Y
by frodewin

An orthogonal space duel. Collision math still needs work. Made with Scratch, powered by Sulfurous. Explosion sequence by by Bleed form opengameart under CC-BY 3.0.

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