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Theme: Wires
October 20th 2018

13 Games

Electron Collectron 9001 by pertrosfoliea Electron Collectron 9001
by pertrosfoliea

Collect electrons!

Cut the wires by literallyjosh Cut the wires
by literallyjosh

cut the right colour wire but dont be fooled by the text changing colours!

Hallway Run by pin Hallway Run
by pin

A and D to move, dodge the electric puddles. I spent far too much of the hour on art and still didn't get enough assets

Wired by tombuston Wired
by tombuston

Draw a wire and bring electricity back.

Safecross by let-off-studios Safecross
by let-off-studios

Cross the street when the crossing signal indicates it's safe to do so. Press the SPACEBAR to summon a pedestrian, and use the ARROW KEYS to move across the street. Avoid the construction vehicles. Go for a high score. Enjoy! Plays in nearly any browser/

Wiring to green by astorek86 Wiring to green
by astorek86

You need to connect those Wires to the green Circles. Up-/Down-Arrow to control Wire, Right-Arrow to speed up.

Climbing Up by frodewin Climbing Up
by frodewin

Press left-right in a good rhythm to climb up the wire.

Connect the wires by PIEMEN Connect the wires

Connect the wires to the ehhh things? press r to restart

Wire Clicker by chaosthelegend Wire Clicker
by chaosthelegend

I made clicker in java in 20 mins

Cubes That Need Light by vantaug Cubes That Need Light
by vantaug

The center-cube generates power and sends it o the other cubes through wires. If the wires break, they turn grey. Use your mouse to click on the broken wires to fix them. If all the lights go out at the same time, you loose.

DNBreak by clem49 DNBreak
by clem49

Break the DNA knots into smaller ones. Break the knots as equally as possible to get better a score.

by Mimarik

You are one of the bugs traversing an interconnected network of wires. Wires are lines drawn between pairs of pins (circles on the screen's edge). You are the dark grey bug. Your task is to get to the black pin and leave the network there, while avoiding the other (light grey) bugs that might enter the network. You control your bug using arrow keys. Press DOWN to change direction, RIGHT or LEFT to take the appropriate turn at the next wire you cross, UP to cancel a previously issued RIGHT/LEFT command (those are remembered so that you can press the keys in advance and don't have to hit the precise moment when you are at the intersection). How many wires can you deal with?

Find the Battery by Ido Adler Find the Battery
by Ido Adler

Click on the battery that is connected to a lamp

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