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184th One Hour Game Jam (03 Nov 2018)

Theme: Starts with the Letter 'V'
Started: 03 Nov 2018 at 20:00 (9 entries)
Simons game - but bad by pertrosfoliea Simons game - but bad
by pertrosfoliea

really just Simons game - but bad

Very much failed minigame compilation by PUARSLIBURF Very much failed minigame compilation

My first idea failed spectacularly. so did the second one, but that one's playable so I'm handing it in. There are just two minigames, get ast the score-showing screens with enter.

vacuum by literallyjosh vacuum
by literallyjosh

clean up but dont get eaten by the vacuum horrors

Letter "V" by Ido Adler Letter "V"
by Ido Adler

Write a letter. Try to understand what should come next, ignore the "V" letter at the begining.

Nice Choppin Nice Choppin'
by let-off_studios

Move your kitchen knife with the mouse, and press and hold the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to chop the veggies. Features some of the most epic game music I have ever heard! Plays on nearly any browser. Enjoy!

V is for Voronoi by laaph V is for Voronoi
by laaph

Click on dots until you find the blue ones! Easy peasy, right?

Véloce Vegan by sen Véloce Vegan
by sen

It's whac-a-mole, but you're a Vegan and you whac Vegetables,! Be fast, be Very fast ! Simply download the archive and lauch the .exe to play. Click on the vegan food only.

by Mimarik

From the game's help screen: You have dreamed about it since time immemorial. Vanadium! The single most desired element of your life. Now you have access to this machine. Starting with hydrogen, it can skip to the element with its proton number equal to the next element of the previous one's Z's Collatz sequence. It can also save elements up to argon for later use in a palette (top row) and skip to those at any time. Besides, it can perform a lookup on the periodic table, using an element from the palette to determine the period and another to determine the group. However, it has a proton limit of 54. This could be life-changing... Now get to 23!

Attack Of The Dust Bunnies by superduperbam Attack Of The Dust Bunnies
by superduperbam

Collect as many dust bunnies as you can before the time runs out.

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