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185th One Hour Game Jam (10 Nov 2018)

Theme: Life
Started: 10 Nov 2018 at 20:00 (7 Games)
Daily Life by laguna Daily Life
by laguna

This will be your daily life. Why would you want to play that anyway? :/ Just follow the instructions. WASD or Arrows.

Game Of Life by PUARSLIBURF Game Of Life

Just a basic Game of Life implementation, nothing too snazzy here. Left click to place alive cell, right to place dead one. Space single-steps, holding enter plays and r resets. Was gonna build an actual game around it but ran out of time.

Save the heart by ofirma85 Save the heart
by ofirma85

Use WASD to avoid the bullets and save the heart.

Life on Earth by wan Life on Earth
by wan

Experience what it feels to be a human. WASD/Arrows to move. The game is ~1mn long.

life bar is going down by Yair Zvilich life bar is going down
by Yair Zvilich

Life bar is all about knowing when to use your medi-kit

Insular Life
by Mimarik

This is a cellular automaton based on Conway's game of Life. A cell can reach multiple levels. A cell of level L will be promoted to L+1 when it has exactly L+3 live neighbours. However, live cells can devolve because of segregation or overcrowding. Every 4 s, you can click a dead cell to promote it to level 1. Clusters can create stable cores and form islands around them.

Life Switch by babagilboa Life Switch
by babagilboa

Goal: Turn the column to straight flushes Do that by Reversing "heart" ranges order. Select a range by clicking on the first and last "heart" of the range.

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