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186th One Hour Game Jam (17 Nov 2018)

Theme: Blocks
Started: 17 Nov 2018 at 20:00 (11 entries)
Block World (Not Minecraft)
by samusoidal

Build a blocky world to spread the disease! INSTRUCTIONS: 1, 2, and 3 to change blocks. Red blocks spawn disease, blue blocks grow disease, and green blocks transmit desease.

Blockfall by leturs Blockfall
by leturs

You have to catch the falling blocks in Blockfall with WASD. The goal is to collect the blocks. You lost the game, if you let any block fall down.

Blocked Pipe
by juna8001

Just destroy or avoid blocks

Climbing Chocolate Mountain by let-off-studios Climbing Chocolate Mountain
by let-off-studios

A game that lives up to its name! Collect all the treasures by using the ARROW KEYS to move and SHIFT to jump. Press the R key to restart. Plays in nearly any browser. Enjoy!

Catch the block by SixtyHz Catch the block
by SixtyHz

Use your arrows!

Match the blocks! by turin Match the blocks!
by turin

Match the blocks by color! A and D to move, W to jump.

Protect the egg! by Ido Adler Protect the egg!
by Ido Adler

​Build a structure (from BLOCKS) to protect the egg from a destructive rain​.

HourCraft 2 by PUARSLIBURF HourCraft 2

The sequel to Hourcraft! Control with WASD, left click to break blocks, right click to place them. Scrolling changes what block you're placing. Not much to do in this one, but the world's infinite so that's cool.

by Mimarik

Instructions are in the game.

Brickout by dollarone Brickout
by dollarone

PICO-8 Breakout clone that took way too long... red bricks increase speed!

2D_Rubik_Cube by babagilboa 2D_Rubik_Cube
by babagilboa

Turn All the Columns or Rows to straight flushes Use the arrows to Shift the rows or columns

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