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187th One Hour Game Jam (24 Nov 2018)

Theme: Going Up!
Started: 24 Nov 2018 at 20:00 (13 Games)
Up and away! by GenericToast Up and away!
by GenericToast

Um.. you control a rocket and you fly up into space or something idk i couldnt think of anything else

Keys by Yair Zvilich Keys
by Yair Zvilich

Which Key Will Win?

Go and Shmup! by bitofgold Go and Shmup!
by bitofgold

A little shmup, not finished... Arrows to move, space to shoot. First try in 1hr game jam. I thought I will do more in 1 hour, very humbling but fun experience! Next time I come prepared :)

Elevator Simulator by Joyah67 Elevator Simulator
by Joyah67

INSTRUCTIONS: Left-Right to move. press space while next to a button to open the doors. Press Up-Down while next to the button panel in the elevator to move Up-Down.

Select Up ! by tombuston Select Up !
by tombuston

Select always the up direction of the drawing. Careful, the drawingrotate.

Fly amongst the clouds by watchieboy Fly amongst the clouds
by watchieboy

You have to avoid the clouds

Mission Control by PUARSLIBURF Mission Control

You work at mission control and it's your job to program the rockets! Time is the delay between commands (in frames), action is what to do, value is a parameter for the action and comment is for comments. Click on fields to modify them. If the delay is 0 the action will be ignored as you can't do two things at once. Enter switches between code editing and rocket launching. As there's no real goal to the game I challenge you to write code that brings the rocket into orbit, does a full revolution and then lands safely. If the rocket comes down too fast you'll be kicked back to the code editor.

Coin Up [FIXED] by cax Coin Up [FIXED]
by cax

No comments, now it works

Balloon VS Birds by Ido Adler Balloon VS Birds
by Ido Adler

Use the mouse, avoid the birds. Music by: Mickey Hoz

Going wherever
by Mimarik

This is a simple upwards platformer. Your aim is to get as high as possible. There is no limit. Jump on the green blocks to get higher. Control the game using the arrow keys.

Growing Up And Away!
by conrad123

mAkE a GoOd gAmE

up by farter up
by farter

just go up but avoid touching anything else

Going Up by laguna Going Up
by laguna

Shoot the balloons while they go up. This is just a simple test case for my SFML C++ Jam Template.

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