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Theme: radiation
December 1st 2018

7 Games

Radioactive waste dumping manager by boltkey Radioactive waste dumping manager
by boltkey

Store radioactive waste in order to mutate as little part of population as possible. Try to survive as long as you can. My pb was 46 s.

by ropai

Hi, play as the square cube trying to take pictures with the anime character from the series molang. =D

Radioactive Fixed Bodies
by Mimarik

The RFB (radioactive fixed bodies) simulation simulates a grid of nodes, fixed in place, emitting small specks of matter at a steady pace, thereby starting a chain reaction. There is no player interaction, sadly, but you can still watch the mesmerizing process of yellow and green spreading across the canvas,

Atomic Janitor by let-off-studios Atomic Janitor
by let-off-studios

You're the Atomic Janitor, and your job is to suck up all the nearby radioactive waste. Move through the level with the ARROW KEYS. Press the Z KEY to suck up nearby waste. Press the X KEY to use your mutant powers to push away the fragile, toxic barrels. Touch a barrel, and you explode! Try for a high score. Press the R KEY to start the game, or restart it. Enjoy! Plays in nearly any web browser.

Radiation by pertrosfoliea Radiation
by pertrosfoliea

Try to get to the red button without being exposed to radiation from the core (green). Make sure there is a led wall between you and the core!

Avoid Radiation by Ido Adler Avoid Radiation
by Ido Adler


Uranium by luiz_kowalski Uranium
by luiz_kowalski

Work on a nuclear usine putting the uranium on the reactor

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