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191st One Hour Game Jam (22 Dec 2018)

Theme: Santa
Started: 22 Dec 2018 at 20:00 (11 entries)
Santa Claus is bombing your town by kszaku Santa Claus is bombing your town
by kszaku

Santa Claus came to bomb you, and you are not allowing this to happen. Arrow keys and L for shooting

Santa Santa's Friendly Sniper
by Marcsine

Your name is Todd. No children, real or fictional, were harmed in the making of this game. You don't kill because of how friendly you are! This title is stupid.

Santa McDroplord by laguna Santa McDroplord
by laguna

A/D or Arrows to move, Space to drop. Make those kids happy!

Senty Santa! by ido Senty Santa!
by Ido Adler

Press the "Any" key to senty-gifts. don't die.

Super Present Delivery by puarsliburf Super Present Delivery

The year is 1897 and Santa's in a hurry and can't climb down the chimneys. Pilot him with the arrow keys and throw presents down the chimneys with space. Throwing a present costs 1 point. But watch out, a strange green flare has been spotted flying towards the earth from Mars, and who knows what might happen when it lands...

Santa Barbara by cax Santa Barbara
by cax

Drop as many presents as you can! You can change gravity only when you stand on the roof using WASD

Santa Delivers by conrad123 Santa Delivers
by conrad123

Use W and D to move up and down! Shoot presents into the chimneys of houses to gain points. Don't let evil elves get you by shooting them out of the sky!

The many facets of Santa by laaph The many facets of Santa
by laaph

Play as Santa riding on Santa to destroy Santa while listening to Santa.

Robo Santa vs. The Naughty Boyz by let-off-studios Robo Santa vs. The Naughty Boyz
by let-off-studios

Naughty Boyz are invading the North Pole... ROBO SANTA DEPLOYED! The goal of the Naughty Boyz is to disrupt Santa's coal-mining operation so that Santa has no choice but to give them gifts for Christmas! Robo Santa is programmed to stop them! Use the ARROW KEYS to move, and hold the Z KEY to shoot. Don't let too many Naughty Boyz past you, but look out for snowballs and don't be pushed off the screen by the walls. Try for a high score. Enjoy!

Gift distribution by clem4949 Gift distribution
by clem4949

Simple gift distribution game as everyone did.

Don Don't Kill Santa
by Yair Zvilich

Using Left Right Make santa catch the Chimney By Yair Zvilichovsky and Dolli Amor

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