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Theme: Shopkeeper OR Can't stop
December 29th 2018

13 Games

Crazy Shop by 89o Crazy Shop
by 89o

Buy and sell items to get 100$ and win the game. You can buy items for less than they cost on the left, and sell items for more than they cost on the right. Use only the mouse.

Store Manager by Joyah67 Store Manager
by Joyah67

run a store! instructions on page.

Fast travel by boltkey Fast travel
by boltkey

Use mouse to go up and down and try to avoid the brown areas, as they slow you down. If you stop, you lose. If you reach 35000 distance you win.

Can Can't stop dancing
by sapazu

Clicker game where you can't stop dancing

Sell This Apple! by Marcsine Sell This Apple!
by Marcsine

A game about capitalism and the futility of grief.

Occam Occam's razorshop
by calozraphael

Simplest way to repel aggressive customers during boxing day.

Here Kitty, Here Doggy! by wan Here Kitty, Here Doggy!
by wan

A game about easy money. Features strong opinions.

Cat Shop by Yair Zvilich Cat Shop
by Yair Zvilich

Use Mouse To Get The Shop Keeper rich with this amazing Shop Clicker Game Made By Yair(Programming) and Dolli(Art)

Spazorb! by PUARSLIBURF Spazorb!

It's Spazorb! Fly around a maze collecting orbs, but don't run into the walls! Control with arrow keys. You can also technically shoot with space, but there's nothing to shoot at. There are no enemies, only Spazorb!

Whirlpool by let-off-studios Whirlpool
by let-off-studios

WHIRLPOOL. Use the ARROW KEYS to navigate your boat and rescue the castaways. Avoid the center of the whirlpool! Once all castaways are rescued, sail away and escape. Try for a high score, and enjoy! Plays in nearly any browser.

Kitty Lifter by Ido Adler Kitty Lifter
by Ido Adler

Steal all the fish, don't get caught! by team: shiri, ohad, mickey, Ido

Can Can't Stop Selling
by laguna

You sell firecrakers for new years eve and need to make a living out of that. However people are too stupid and blow themselves up immerdiately after leaving the store. But YOU CAN'T STOP SELLING! Controls: Space to sell you explosive stuff.

1HGJ Vol. 2 by sergiocornaga 1HGJ Vol. 2
by sergiocornaga

Compilation of [2+] year's work. Can't stop [making games].

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