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193rd One Hour Game Jam (05 Jan 2019)

Theme: A Bug? No, that's a Feature!
Started: 05 Jan 2019 at 20:00 (13 entries)
Possible maze by boltkey Possible maze
by boltkey

Use arrow keys to move and try to get to the green square.

by Xen The Mad

It's a ship. It's broken. Shoot enemies or die.

This is not a game by Marcsine This is not a game
by Marcsine

Due to a strange bug, the game turned itself into a music file. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Press play to play.

Debeatable by grimeon Debeatable
by grimeon

Just a series of common bugs or intentional features? This game can be beaten, promise! Arrow keys to move, escape to quit.

Smultron 2 by sergiocornaga Smultron 2
by sergiocornaga

Traverse cyberspace in search of sweet, sweet fruit.

Frog Gaem by pr0te Frog Gaem
by pr0te

A gaem about a frog and it's life and diamonds

Walls by ivan Walls
by ivan

WASD to move, space to shoot.

Jumpmen by dollarone Jumpmen
by dollarone

Get the dude to the flag. Use arrows to move, Z to jump, X to restart. Unfortunately, sometimes a bug happens when you jump, spawning another dude. Let's consider it a feature.

Rocket Jumper by wan Rocket Jumper
by wan

SPACE to jump. Can you go over 1500m?

Lemon switcher (S FIXED) by cax Lemon switcher (S FIXED)
by cax

Dont forget pressing enter to use keyboard (FOR EXAMPLE W+ENTER = GO UP)

Brexit Rush by laaph Brexit Rush
by laaph

Collect UK flags! Avoid EU flags!

Pet The Bunny by Yair Zvilich Pet The Bunny
by Yair Zvilich

Pet the bunny, more petting the higher the score By Yair Zvilichovsky and Dolli Amor

Wonders of the Internet by let-off-studios Wonders of the Internet
by let-off-studios

Click your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on all the cool stuff on the Internet. Try for a high score! Plays on nearly any browser.

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