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194th One Hour Game Jam (12 Jan 2019)

Theme: Boss fight
Started: 12 Jan 2019 at 20:00 (20 entries)
boss fight by alyphen boss fight
by alyphen

big evil boss fight

Mainframe by sanicstudios Mainframe
by sanicstudios

Uh oh. Evil computer. You better kill it. Shoot it enough and you win. But hey, it's shooting at you and that's no good. So if you take too much damage you die. Controls are on the itch.io page because I ran out of time.

Pet The Bunny Boss by Yair Zvilich Pet The Bunny Boss
by Yair Zvilich

Pet the Bunny with a mouse click, Beware of the Killer Bunny. Be a Winner By Yair Zvilichovsky and Dolli Amor

TankyBoss by Xen The Mad TankyBoss
by Xen The Mad

A & D to move. Mouse click or Right CTRL to shoot. R to reload level. Alt+F4 to exit. I guess. Enjoy!

big bad ball boy by Drambique big bad ball boy
by Drambique

dont let the evil ball catch you! CONTROLS move with arrow keys shoot with Z

Cobblestone Killer by professeur_gigawatt Cobblestone Killer
by professeur_gigawatt

You are sick of this f****** cobblestone texture. Time to kill it. But beware, there's a LOT of cobblestone

Mafia Boss by Marcsine Mafia Boss
by Marcsine

Defeat the level 35 mafia boss by robbing banks!

unwinnable boss fight by dmoa unwinnable boss fight
by dmoa

A boss fight which is impossible, or is it?

DESPASHITO 4 by heitor_(mindkill) DESPASHITO 4
by heitor_(mindkill)

You have to make the mafia boss just like the humor in this game, dead; this is the same as the game with a name replaced by the link.

Job Security by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹ Job Security
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

Career Advice by LiamLime

Punchy by Joyah67 Punchy
by Joyah67

You punch the giant robot.

by pr0te

A gaem about frog boss and its life with knight 2-man entry. Co-created with my better half this time. MAKES IT DOUBLE AS GOOD CONTROLS: Arrow keys + space

Thunder Child by PUARSLIBURF Thunder Child

The HMS Thunder Child from War of the Worlds probably holds the world record of being the boat to have it's ass kissed the most by a famous author. H.G Welles really gets into the details of how cool this thing is. But no matter how cool it is it still sinks in the book. But what if it didn't? This game explores the wonderful possibilities of having such a cool boat on your side by letting you control it as it repeatedly rams a GIGANTIC martian who was designed when this game was supposed to be about a guy with a sword. For perspective on how big it is, just know that you're supposed to be playing as an ironclad. Control with WASD, ram the thing to do damage, don't touch the front bit.

Octocat fight by raza6 Octocat fight
by raza6

Use your weapon to kill this glutinous and angry octopus ! Arrow key to move + space to shoot

BOSS FIGHT by let-off-studios BOSS FIGHT
by let-off-studios

The boss is fighting! Type the proper words to spawn the weapons of war and stay productive. Aim for the highest efficiency on the job! Plays in nearly any browser. Enjoy!

base defense by stranger base defense
by stranger

defend your base from the zergies until your attack ships are repaired

Boss Fight
by laaph

​Boss fight! WASD or arrows move your ship around. Left Control or space shoot.

Hugo Boss Fight by cax Hugo Boss Fight
by cax

You must give the present you dude please just do it

Snake boss by PIEMEN Snake boss

Fight a snake thing?

Boss fight by dollarone Boss fight
by dollarone

You and your fellow coworkers have had it with your boss. You have him cornered. Attack! (PICO-8 controls: arrows+Z/X)

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