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Theme: Automation
February 16th 2019

16 Games

automato by stuffed wombat automato
by stuffed wombat

arrow keys to create automated movement

by josia

Sort tomatoes. It is easy.

Robot Maze by hannaesthetic Robot Maze
by hannaesthetic

teach a robot to solve mazes

by Xen The Mad

click the arrows to change their direction. Get the automaton to the end!

robot run by Drambique robot run
by Drambique

Robots can run but need your help to hop! Place markers to guide robots to the flag. Robots love you!

Arms Race by walnoot Arms Race
by walnoot

Defend yourself from enemies using your gun and turrets. Control with WASD, arrow keys and space.

Teslobot by ulcius Teslobot
by ulcius

What happens if 2 automatic things collide?

Humans Are Totally Good at This! by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹ Humans Are Totally Good at This!
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

We don't need no automation! [awesome guitar riff]

Factory Therapy by dmoa Factory Therapy
by dmoa

Automation = Factory? This is a stretch for an automation game, but technically is. Be patient it has a nice ending

Automation Pi Robot 2019 by cyclopi Automation Pi Robot 2019
by cyclopi

Automation Pi Robot 2019

Potaxi by tininsteelian Potaxi
by tininsteelian

The Potaxis are potatos that are also taxis. They go until they crash. How many Potaxis can you have on screen?

Automated Typer by let-off-studios Automated Typer
by let-off-studios

AUTOMATED TYPER, my first attempt at prototyping an idle game. Press the ASDF keys when prompted by the button. Typing all keys earns you one Cycle. Use Cycles to purchase Automatic key presses. Purchase all the Automatic key presses to complete the game. Works in nearly any browser - but works best with a Standard English keyboard. I'll probably update this at a later date. Thanks to 1hgj for the reason to finally try making this kind of game.

Follower cars
by godde

Press left mouse button to create more cars that follow your previous input. Unity physics aren't deterministic though so the other cars will deviate

the Automation Corporation (For the love of christ read the description) by PUARSLIBURF the Automation Corporation (For the love of christ read the description)

My 100th entry! That is waaaayyy too many but I don't care! You are in charge of constructing a new factory for the Automation Corporation. Left-click to place stuff and right-click to delete it. R to reset. Scrolling will rotate the thing you're placing and holding shift while doing so will change what it is you're placing. The things you can play are, in order; A conveyor, an import slot, a processor, a combiner and a portal. Middle-clicking on an import slot will change what it's importing. Processors take a single raw resource and refines it and combiners combine two resources (not all combinations work). To delete a portal you have to right-click the blue bit. To export a resource simply move it off-screen. Bonus points for recognized characters in the intro.

Program Player by astorek86 Program Player
by astorek86

You need to Program the Smiley first! After Programming, the Smiley finds (hopefully) the Way to the goal^^.

Production Line by revoltgames Production Line
by revoltgames

In this game the main goal is completting the production line cycle.

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