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Theme: Reflection
February 23rd 2019

23 Games

Sleepy Vampire Hunter by josia Sleepy Vampire Hunter
by josia

Your mission is to eradicate the vampires that have infiltrated the human race! Unfortunately, it's very late already and you have to go to bed in exactly two minutes. (Hint: Vampires don't have a reflection!)

by stuffed wombat

arrow keys to move

monster by tfh1368 monster
by tfh1368


Economic Reflection by tirnam Economic Reflection
by tirnam

Get golden coins and don't get red coins. Good Luck ;)

Reflector Maze
by Xen The Mad

WASD to move the white piece to the green squares.

Ponkman by hannaesthetic Ponkman
by hannaesthetic

Control with the mouse Eat the dots

Brother Reflection
by ulcius

Why does younger brothers always reflects you?

Vork in the Stopcontact 4: Definitive edition
by felixvg

The final chapter of fork in the stopcontact PIEMEN made the music and the sprites houdoe

Older or Wiser by mrfb Older or Wiser
by mrfb

Part of a series of solitaire roleplaying games about chronicling the deeds of a group of adventurers, meant to be played in short pieces as you play a game like Wizardry, Etrian Odyssey, et cetera. (itch password: β€œohgj”)

flip/flop by tininsteelian flip/flop
by tininsteelian

You control two cubes. They move in opposite directions. Move and jump through the level to make them touch each other.

LAZER by accidentlyanton LAZER
by accidentlyanton

Reflect the Laser into the Receivers.

Mirror Rockets by PUARSLIBURF Mirror Rockets

Not many people know this, but our world is actually made up of two halves; the normal side and the mirror side. Now, you can only see one of these at a time, but they're definately both there. Use the arrows to move a little spaceship through the level and use space to switch between which world you can see.

noceeB by sergiocornaga noceeB
by sergiocornaga

A reflection on my first One Hour Game Jam entry (with a nod to my 24th One Hour Game Jam entry)

Pet The Bunny #5 by Yair Zvilich Pet The Bunny #5
by Yair Zvilich

You have 7 seconds to figure out how to break the scary reflection

Mirrored OUT! by ytkimirti Mirrored OUT!
by ytkimirti

Press "R" to restart

Reflection by burian Reflection
by burian

Press left mouse button to grab plushies. The game has no point, just watch the reflection of the child.

Left Click To Stop Instant Death by cdrch Left Click To Stop Instant Death
by cdrch

Left click to stop instant death! Keep in mind, your shield has a short timer and a cooldown.

Destroy My Game by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹ Destroy My Game
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

*Lime hands you a SUDO*

Ballz To The Wallz by DevilLime Ballz To The Wallz
by DevilLime

How many wallz can you destroy before you lose your ballz? Use the arrow keys and space to launch your ball and click on it to reflect it.

The Reflected Escape by 🎩🐱 The Reflected Escape
by 🎩🐱

Made by Yoris + FlamingFossa Flip gravity with "shift" when standing on a mirror(blue thing) Use jetpack with "space" Move left or right with A and D, restart with R+T The game works best in 16:9 1080p If you are having trouble, to get to the door, go to the very right and accelerate left, and when you are on the edge of the mirror press shift to switch gravity

Reflection with Mouse by astorek86 Reflection with Mouse
by astorek86

Reflect the Ball so it can reach the Goal. Leftclick = rotate.

Friends In Hell by dmoa Friends In Hell
by dmoa

Time based reflection movement game, I think.

Mirror World by thegrokester Mirror World
by thegrokester

Avoid deadly triangles on both sides of the mirror

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