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207th One Hour Game Jam (13 Apr 2019)

Theme: Very fast
Started: 13 Apr 2019 at 20:00 (11 entries)
flash photography by denneledoe flash photography
by denneledoe

you are a cop lurking behind a bush on a road where people frequently speed. your job is to catch these people. game: a car will rush through the screen, the second you see it, press spacebar. it will dissapear, and another one will come in a bit. everytime you successfully catch a car, the next car will speed up. be quick!

Fast Fly by tirnam Fast Fly
by tirnam

Hold left button for rush to foods. You must be alive ;)

Try Catch a Ball
by dante004

Try to catch the faster moving balls.

Super Fast space-racer by 🎩🐱 Super Fast space-racer
by 🎩🐱

The fastest and hardest space racing game on the planet. Get as many coins as you can while avoiding the evil red spheres of death! (endless runner)

Superpong by dollarone Superpong
by dollarone

Pong with superspeed. Arrows to move, X to restart.

Dodge Mania by ofirma85 Dodge Mania
by ofirma85

Use your mouse to dodge the arrows and collect coins!

Box Dodge by etelan Box Dodge
by etelan

Up and Down Keys. +Positives: Fast boxes so have to concentrate. Good controls. -Negatives No Point System No Levelling System (so they speed up or something)

Painful by dmoa Painful
by dmoa

20 seconds to survive and you win!

Power Nap by hannaesthetic Power Nap
by hannaesthetic

Sleep is time consuming! Do it as quickly as possible!

German Trains are the Best Trains! by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹ German Trains are the Best Trains!
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

Get to your destination using the Best trains!

Color Runner by Epicnez Color Runner
by Epicnez

My first OneHourGameJam Game (also probably didn't help that I somewhat started over 40 minutes in), left click to throw red balls, right click to throw blue balls, match the ball color to the cube color to get more platforms and progress. For my first one I think I did a "meh" job, but, I learned from it! Hopefully you will somewhat enjoy it!

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