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Theme: UnderWater
April 20th 2019

17 Games

Foowsh by Joyah67 Foowsh
by Joyah67

idk. made this in 30 minutes.

Hold It by ulcius Hold It
by ulcius

Such a complex puzzle game, wow! Do, what it tells you to do and you will be ok.

Blue Whale by tirnam Blue Whale
by tirnam

Hold left button for control the whale

by shoozza

move with arrows - didn't really manage to finish ;S

Slalom by etelan Slalom
by etelan


Chunky Boat by dmoa Chunky Boat
by dmoa

space to start, move with AD, avoid the fish! (the game never ends, but aim for a minute!)

Sonar by PUARSLIBURF Sonar

Take control of a small submersible exploring a shipwreck, navigating with only a sonar display and a basic coordinate system, but watch out, spooky things are lurking in the deep. Control with the arrow keys. Not much to do in this one, apart from avoiding the really slow moving blips that kill you.

Hungry Waterworm
by Hyohane

Survive as a little worm at the bottom of the ocean. Move with WASD, click Highscore to get to the highscore screen. Move to eat, but beware the decaying ground and pebbles that block your way. Good luck, have fun.

Submarine Explorer by max999 Submarine Explorer
by max999

Dodge fish and collect treasure. You lose when your oxygen runs out or you take too much damage! Use WASD to move. Thanks for playing and any feedback is appreciated :)

jumping into a death pit for no good reason by heropanthi jumping into a death pit for no good reason
by heropanthi

there is no gold here. collect bubbles for oxygen and avoid mines.

corpse fishing simulator 2019 by okb1100 corpse fishing simulator 2019
by okb1100

best corpse fishing sim ever

My Obligatory Match Three Game by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹ My Obligatory Match Three Game
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

I mean... I had to make one of these for one hour game jam at some point, right?

Submarine Squadron by foumart Submarine Squadron
by foumart

Clear the sea off the enemy submarine squadron. Click to start selection, then click again to attack the selected enemy submarines. You win an attack if your submarines are more or equal than the selected total combined foes. Win in at least attacks as possible. Right-click to cancel a selection, Click-hold'n drag selections are possible as well.

Diamondback by googroker Diamondback
by googroker

Use the arrow keys to scavenge the ocean for tasty plants. Keep an eye on your oxygen, however...

Feedy Fishy by Ido Adler Feedy Fishy
by Ido Adler

Don't let the fish die, feed them. Made with: Mickey Hoz, Alon Tzarafi

Keeping it 100 by dixonary Keeping it 100
by dixonary

[I only found out there was a theme afterwards...] In honour of 4/20, a game about keeping it fully 100. Roll dice to make 100 before the timer runs out! Should work on any browser, desktop or mobile.

Oxygen clicker by 🎩🐱 Oxygen clicker
by 🎩🐱

Click the oxygen bubble to get more oxygen and try to delay your inevitable death!

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