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Theme: Wind
May 4th 2019

15 Games

1500 RPM by kiv 1500 RPM
by kiv

The goal of the game is to reach 1500 revolutions per minute

Assman by discofish Assman
by discofish

Left Arrow - Move left and rotate Right Arrow - Move right and rotate Up Arrow - Jump (it's possible when asshole touching ground)

Bunny Blow by samusoidal Bunny Blow
by samusoidal

Blow the bunnies with wind! Don't let them hit the right edge of the screen. Click to blow.

Guess The RPM (Windmill Edition)
by etelan

its a windmill guess the rpm nerd

Merciful Wind by tirnam Merciful Wind
by tirnam

Control the wind with this bar

Paraglider Simulator by PUARSLIBURF Paraglider Simulator

(This one doesn't fit the theme very well as I ran out of time to add the things that would make it do so) A game where you control a paraglider and avoid Death Spikes of Doom(TM). Control with up/down arrows. Go right for score.

Love Letter by ulcius Love Letter
by ulcius

Use help of the wind to reach out to your beloved. Press space to send love letter in a form of a paper airplane. Control the power of the wind by pressing digits from 1 do 9

Fire (exclamation mark) by jiri_hysek Fire (exclamation mark)
by jiri_hysek

Shoot by [SPACE]. The goal is hit moving target but you have to count with the wind which differs every shot. It's my first hour jam! So I overcomplicated it and has to rething shooting mechanics about 10 minutes before the deadline :) So I haven't time for letting user know if he actually hitted the target. Sorry ;) But it was fun!

Wind Guy by memel06 Wind Guy
by memel06

Problems makes us heavy. Rock are very heavy. But this magic rocks are heavy because of their problems. Solve their math problems to make them lighter and blow them away! Press z to talk, move with arrows

Wind Golf
by thevinter

A game when you have to click on fans to activate them. Not really finished :(

by googroker

An uncompromising game of momentum and reflexes.

Make it fly
by r4ndomthunder

Srry had some problem to upload Let them flyy

Physical wet blow work by godde Physical wet blow work
by godde

Blow shapes into the ocean by holding the left mouse button. Use WASD to steer the camera. Rotate camera by holding the right mouse button.

Super Straw Man by wan Super Straw Man
by wan

Fight the wind for as long as you can!

Fan Tower by idael Fan Tower
by idael

Defend your fan against evil mosquitos Use the mouse to push forward the mosquitos Enjoy

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