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211th One Hour Game Jam (11 May 2019)

Theme: Running
Started: 11 May 2019 at 20:00 (19 entries)
My last life room by tirnam My last life room
by tirnam

Just Run

Running Sushi by boltkey Running Sushi
by boltkey

This game requires good amount of imagination. You are the black square. There are 3 pieces of sushi that you want. When a correct piece overlaps with you, press any key to take it. If it is a piece you want, you get 20 points and the speed gets higher. If it is an incorrect one, or none at all, you lose 10 points and speed gets slower. Try and reach 600 points or whatever.

Prof. Oak run by pingumen96 Prof. Oak run
by pingumen96

Bulbasaur, Charmender and Squirtle will compete in a running race! Share the keyboard with 2 friends and fight each other.

Run Windows XP by etelan Run Windows XP
by etelan

a point and click. Can you fix it?

Fire fighter by ornez Fire fighter
by ornez

You have to save houses from FIRE!! Run for water mate :c Press W to shoot water.

IT Department by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹ IT Department
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

Keep the company running!

Nanothon by googroker Nanothon
by googroker

Do the 100m sprint!

Removed by Drambique Removed
by Drambique


The Running Man by tininsteelian The Running Man
by tininsteelian

This man has three legs! Run through the randomly generated levels and try to get the best time.

runner blocker by guerriero111 runner blocker
by guerriero111

had to rush

Blunther: The Game by PUARSLIBURF Blunther: The Game

I was recently reminded that I once established a character named Blunther, but never did anything with him. So here he is, in his own game! Jump with space, get to the portal!

Synth Runner by astralbyte Synth Runner
by astralbyte

Jump or dodge the magenta cubes

Obstacles by dmoa Obstacles
by dmoa

WASD keys to move, try and get the highest score you can (how rewarding i know)

g2g bye
by yelen

First challenge, press right-left-right-left... to accelerate

Running For Cake by laaph Running For Cake
by laaph

On the day you wanted a cake, why is there a marathon in the way?

RUNRUNRUN by hannaesthetic RUNRUNRUN
by hannaesthetic


Sonic Boom! by godde Sonic Boom!
by godde

Can you reach Sonic Boom! Control Sonic with WASD and look around with the mouse.

JumpCard by Ido Adler JumpCard
by Ido Adler

Use the cards to collect all the stars

run fast
by sergiuzsek

press shift to jump

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