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212th One Hour Game Jam (18 May 2019)

Theme: Invisible
Started: 18 May 2019 at 20:00 (14 entries)
--- by andriilytvyn ---
by .


Find Me by trolog Find Me
by trolog

Find me, a game of hot and colder, the closer you are to finding me the "indicator square" will get closer to Green, the further away and it'll turn red.

Invisible Chance by tirnam Invisible Chance
by tirnam

Move with the same buttons as you know. Good Luck

Illusion by futurity Illusion
by etelan

W A S D. Not really invisible... but your guards don't know that.

WHERE? by dmoa WHERE?
by dmoa

you have a set amount of time to memorise the position of 3 coloured squares before they disappear (become INVISIBLE). You have 4 clicks to try and click on three of the squares. If you click on all the squares, you go on to the next round with half the time to memorise the squares!

What you can What you can't see can still get hurt
by ludipe

WASD or arrow keys to move. Spacebar to reset. Best played on fullscreen mode! (sorry, only has two levels)

Weak Point by ulcius Weak Point
by ulcius

Meet white box - greatest super hero among all boxes. He's kind of immune to enemy's hits and when he jumps he becomes invisible. Such wow! Buuuut, it seems like his power is also his weakness. When he actually becomes invisible, he is no longer immune to hits. Aw shiut. Move with left/right arrow and jump with up arrow. When you are visible - no one is a threat to you, but when you are invisible while jumping - you take damage. Avoid enemies while jumping and reach finish line.

DarkDungeons by itsandyjones DarkDungeons
by itsandyjones

Controls: R to Restart Game - if your stuck or want a new map to generate WASD Keys to Move Mouse and Click to Aim and Fire Goal: Kill the slimes - they re-spawn in waves and are only visible in the light! Stay alive! ***************** Made as part of a 1 hour GameJam ( The theme was Invisible - the idea was to have the enemies become visible while in the lit up areas.. and I think for the most part it works. The Tilemap I used for the map generation was existing art and most of the code for the map generation was similar to a previous prototype project of mine. Overall for a 1 hour build I think I did a reasonable job, but let me know what you think! *****************

Anti-Eraser by tininsteelian Anti-Eraser
by tininsteelian

Use the anti-eraser to un-erase the whiteboard! Sources:

Class Test by hannaesthetic Class Test
by hannaesthetic

i hope u studied

Invisible Walls Labyrinth by atcolombini Invisible Walls Labyrinth
by atcolombini

And invisible walls labyrinth

Invisible title of the game by cax Invisible title of the game
by cax

Invisible game description (really, who cares?)

A series of tubes by liamlime A series of tubes
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

Be the Internet!

The Laser Game by idael The Laser Game
by idael

Find your way in this dark labyrinth WASD and mouse

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