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213th One Hour Game Jam (25 May 2019)

Theme: Overpopulation
Started: 25 May 2019 at 20:00 (13 entries)
Microscopic Endgame by toschi Microscopic Endgame
by Gabriel Toschi

A Thanos simulator with viruses: destroy them to keep the balance

Population in street by tirnam Population in street
by tirnam

Click on population for going out of the street. Good Luck ;)

120BPM by xenthemad 120BPM
by Xen The Mad

More of an... experience... than a game... Best experienced with music at 120bpm. WASD to move the camera. ESC to exit R to restart

The Attack of the Pop stars! by mirosha The Attack of the Pop stars!
by mirosha

Welp this is my game, you play as a cube trying to escape the POP Stars. Now that im writing this, i realize how bad it is. Controls are WASD

Yee Haw by tininsteelian Yee Haw
by tininsteelian

The people want cowboy hats! They'll chase after your hat, and shout yee haw once they get it. If they bump into someone else, they'll create a new person. There is no objective besides just messing around. If you give too many people hats at the same time, their yee haws might get very loud, so be aware. Controls: left click to start, move the mouse around to move the cowboy hat

Click Da Birb by professeur_gigawatt Click Da Birb
by professeur_gigawatt

Click Da Birb

Refugee by futurity Refugee
by etelan

Space To Go through screens, WASD Outlive the music

Birb feeding frenzy by yoris Birb feeding frenzy
by yoris

Produce as many seed as you can to deal with overpopulated birbs starving once and for all! (aim to get 100 seed)

Goal Frenzy by squallido22 Goal Frenzy
by squallido22

Balls are coming out, click on them to destroy them!! Open 1280 x 720.

FleaOut by akekho FleaOut
by akekho

Flea overpopulated my dog1

Attack of the purple-ish red by puarsliburf Attack of the purple-ish red

Don't have time to write now, will explain during stream

Genderswapping God by godde Genderswapping God
by godde

Click on cylinders to change their gender. Overpopulation occurs when your FPS goes below 20. Control camera with WASD.

Facman by dollarone Facman
by dollarone

You cannot win this. Survive as long as you can.

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