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216th One Hour Game Jam (15 Jun 2019)

Theme: Clone
Started: 15 Jun 2019 at 20:00 (34 entries)
Through the Looking Glass by parchmentengineer Through the Looking Glass
by parchmentengineer

Clone yourself through reflection and escape the garden.

Clone Clone Clone Clone Clone by Sebastian Scaini Clone Clone Clone Clone Clone
by Sebastian Scaini

Make as many clones as you can in 20 seconds! Made with birdpun!

Clones Zone by akip Clones Zone
by akip

A simple shooter game with clones

by zijo

A shitty game, there are only five levels, the sixth one is glitched

Missiles Avoid! by ak_54 Missiles Avoid!
by ak_54

Avoid Missiles!

clonewell by stuffedwombat clonewell
by stuffedwombat

arrow keys

Clone Hell by zapdexio Clone Hell
by zapdexio

Escape Hell with your dead clones! (Arrow keys to move and space to start)

Crappy agario
by ElementG9

Crappy agario

Blob Blob's Adventures
by KiOm

Move w/ arrows keys don't touch red blocks

Shark Shark's attack
by maxime

Hit 50 times the shark (click on him) to kill him.

Don Don't Touch Yourself
by democritus

Avoid your evil clones and reach the exit, but they move when you do!

Evader E. Dave by googroker Evader E. Dave
by googroker

Play as Evader E. Dave and his accomplice to last as long as possible in this reversible realm!

"clone player" by nilsthebest "clone player"
by nilsthebest

Move the player using the arrow keys. Click "clone player" to clone yourself. Your clones are brighter. Your clones can touch the red, but not you. There are only 3 levels, sorry x)

Clone Roller by dbltnk Clone Roller
by dbltnk

Leftclick to spawn tiny clones of yourself. Get to the getaway car.

Spongebob the Clone wars by snowywaterz4 Spongebob the Clone wars
by snowywaterz4

Spongebob has to fight plankton, beat all his clones!

lala by hagish lala
by hagish

You need to turn all the colors.

Base Pair by superduperpacman42 Base Pair
by superduperpacman42

Press the A, T, G, and C keys to match base pairs with their appropriate counterpart as they reach the bottom. Remember, A(denine) goes with T(hymine), and C(ytosine) goes with G(uanine).

Color War Chrono: Clone Cleanup by 👁 qst0 👁 Color War Chrono: Clone Cleanup
by 👁 qst0 👁

Run away from your messy paint clones, try not to let the paint 1000 tiles, last as long as you can, don't run into them!

Split Them Up! by dmoa Split Them Up!
by dmoa

Click to Play!

Dolly by etelan Dolly
by etelan


Somewhat working by ulcius Somewhat working
by ulcius

Blue is cloning to the right, red is cloning to the left,yellow is cloning down, green is cloning up. You can move your colour squares. if it collides with other colour -> it will changes it to the colour you are holding. There are enemies coming. You can kill them with the square of the same colour. If enemy gets to castle uou lose

Igual by ludipe Igual
by ludipe

You need to use WASD and mouse to play. F activates fullscreen. Audio has a delay because I didn't have time to properly edit each recording. Performance isn't great and it's easy to break the game.

Fight Your Clone! by vfdan Fight Your Clone!
by vfdan

You tried to make a clone, but it went horribly wrong! The clone wants to kill you!

Avoid the clones! by 🎩🐱 Avoid the clones!
by 🎩🐱

You are the game. you have to avoid nasty CD clones of yourself made by filthy pirates! move with A/D or left/right arrows

you are the protagonist by totally_inconspicuous you are the protagonist
by totally_inconspicuous


Mitosis Bowling by tininsteelian Mitosis Bowling
by tininsteelian

It's like bowling, but the pins split into two identical pins whenever your ball hits them. Press space to choose your angle, then press space again to choose your power.

Soup Mary by PUARSLIBURF Soup Mary

This is an original game that is totally not a clone of anything. It is also fully featured and finished and not just one level that's way too easy with annoying music. Move with arrows, sprint with shift. Jump on the badlads to kill 'em. Orange orb lets you absorb one hit before death.

Which one is not clone by tirnam Which one is not clone
by tirnam

Select the original instance, not clone

Clones (it Clones (it's a title)
by kepa64

Arrow Keys to move and jump When you go in the lava, a platform will appear and the magic does that you can use it to pass without touching the lava ! :D

Copypasta by n4tticus Copypasta
by n4tticus

Test your copypasta knowledge. Fill out the copypasta before time runs out!

Shooty Bounce by zebulah Shooty Bounce
by zebulah

YAY ITS A GAME, ?Q>W! Red things are coming to kill you. Shoot them with your clone gun to bounce them away. WASD to move, SPACE to shoot [0] to restart

Clone-A-Bro by let-off-studios Clone-A-Bro
by let-off-studios

Click the arrows to the left and right of your clone to match the body parts of the host on the right. Click "Done!" when you are finished. Try for a high score. Enjoy!

Novikov Novikov's principle was right
by wan

Let's escape this room! (No sound / Actually made in 1h30)

Invaders by ivan Invaders
by ivan

A space invaders clone but it's a bullet hell for some reason? Arrow keys to move Z, X, C to fire

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