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Theme: Growth
July 13th 2019

18 Games

Grow Strong, Drink Milk by 👁 qst0 👁 Grow Strong, Drink Milk
by 👁 qst0 👁

Drink milk to grow big and strong

GRØW by Sebastian Scaini GRØW
by Sebastian Scaini


consuum by totally_inconspicuous consuum
by totally_inconspicuous

eat sosg get lorge

Forest Growth by cpk42 Forest Growth
by cpk42

Gain points by building your forest!

Extreme Crop Grower by Joyah67 Extreme Crop Grower
by Joyah67

Cut down as many crops as you can in under 1 minute!

Growing sphere by Scotaire Growing sphere
by Scotaire

Arrow keys to balance. The score doesn't stop when you lose, so don't brag!

FISHY by trolog FISHY
by trolog

FISHY, eat small fish, avoid big fish. CONTROLS LEFT - RIGHT to rotate fish left and right. Programming = STE(trolog) ART = ANNA;

Go Big Then Go home by hapee_ Go Big Then Go home
by hapee_

Get Bigger To break Walls A+D To move, Space to Jump

Cheese Eater by tininsteelian Cheese Eater
by tininsteelian

Eat that cheese to build those strong leg muscles! How many cheeses can you eat?

Totally not Agar.io alike by kapshtag Totally not Agar.io alike
by kapshtag

Move with WASD, press left mouse to eat dots, right mouse to launch wave once 20 dots are eated. Get best score by finishing fast and clicking left as little as possible.(alt+enter to go fullscreen)

Growth by secretjuice1 Growth
by secretjuice1

This is only what we were able to finish in the hour, I'll put a link to a more complete version in the itch.io page when it's done

by szczm_

A flower blooms slowly towards the sky.

growp by sergiocornaga growp
by sergiocornaga


I am hunger by zebulah I am hunger
by zebulah

You want to eat, so do. Eat the blue people, they are weak and defenseless. The red people hurt you though, they are sharp (like cheddar), so don't eat them. WASD or arrows to move

Watering grass by godde Watering grass
by godde

Watch grass grow as you adjust the amount of rain that falls. Made with the free RainMaker asset.

A Pot Game by terzalo A Pot Game
by terzalo

Catch water and avoid spikes to grow! Try to grow as high as you can!

Rectangles and Stuff lol
by dmoa

Apologies for mac only. Windows next morning! left and right to move. Space to jump

Tree by tirnam Tree
by tirnam

Control the tree with Left & Right :)

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