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221st One Hour Game Jam (20 Jul 2019)

Theme: Infection
Started: 20 Jul 2019 at 20:00 (18 entries)
by Sebastian Scaini

Fight off the virus infection!

An inside job by scotaire An inside job
by Scotaire

It's your first day in the White Blood Cell brigade and a murdering virus is on the loose! Stop him before sh*t hits the fan!

qstInfect 3D by qst0 qstInfect 3D
by πŸ‘ qst0 πŸ‘

Get infected, or cure the infection. IN 3D!

Spreading Virus by hapee_ Spreading Virus
by hapee_

Infect the planet!! Kill Them All!!!!

Infection Transfer by tirnam Infection Transfer
by tirnam

Move with the same buttons as you know and run away from infection

by Xen The Mad

​It's a game about infection. Save the 'normals' from the zombies. Don't get eaten!~ ____________________ WASD or Arrows to move R To restart Esc to exit.

Stop the virus by nilsthebest Stop the virus
by nilsthebest

Keep the viruses (represented as red squares) from infecting the world! :O To do so, you must click on the viruses before they reach the top of the screen.

by whuff

shoot bug

Antifection by sangress Antifection
by sangress

Keep the body from infection. Controls: Arrow keys

Dancing Fever
by etelan

Can you dance to the end?

Inject to Disinfect by tininsteelian Inject to Disinfect
by tininsteelian

Oh no, someone wants to eat an infected burger! Use your telekinetic powers to control the plate so that the burger gets injected with enough disinfectant before the person eats it.

Herd Immunity by whegl Herd Immunity

Oh no! As the product of parents who are against vaccination, you (the player) must run through the halls of a mall that is infected with the common cold. Survive as you get healed by the "doctors" with "sanitary stones", and try to survive as long as possible.

Virus Attack
by estralante

WASD to move. Press R to restart the game. Destroy all the big white balls in 2 minutes, they are defending the body from infections.

Raphael and his robot cat by happyturtle5 Raphael and his robot cat
by happyturtle5

Happy birthday, brother!

Press enter to laugh by dollarone Press enter to laugh
by dollarone

You can also move with the arrows!

Make Your Friends Yawn! by liamlime Make Your Friends Yawn!
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

You're in a circle of friends.... make them yawn!

Good Virus by m_dibaei Good Virus
by m_dibaei

Vivi (our good virus) had enough of it and wants to make a change. So he grabs all the medicines and tries to kill other viruses and stop the Infection.

Blood infection by godde Blood infection
by godde

Infect red blood cells and avoid white blood cells. Viruses move towards the mouse cursor. Zoom with mouse wheel and control camera with WASD.

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