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225th One Hour Game Jam (17 Aug 2019)

Theme: Colors
Started: 17 Aug 2019 at 20:00 (12 entries)
Color Eater by tirnam Color Eater
by tirnam

Move: A,D - Rotate: Left,Right

Colors! by xzert Colors!
by xzert

Click the colored circles to collect points.

Definately not Puzznic feat. a MIDI of Be Prepared I had lying around by puarsliburf Definately not Puzznic feat. a MIDI of Be Prepared I had lying around

This is not Puzznic. Whaddya mean it's puzznic? I'll have you know that apart from the gameplay, level design and pretty much everything apart from the graphics and the specific implementation are perfectly original! Select tiles with the mouse, move them with left/right arrows. If two same-colored tiles meet they dissapear. Make all colored tiles go away to win. Made in GameMaker 4 because why not.

C O L O U R S by cyborgpixelfox C O L O U R S
by goof bug

Use WASD to turn the corresponding colour direction to the right. make sure the colours only touch themselves

Color Guesser by tininsteelian Color Guesser
by tininsteelian

Use the sliders to change the shape's color to match the background. Color as many shapes as possible in three minutes!

Colorblindness by godde Colorblindness
by godde

See the world through the eyes of persons with different types of colorblindness. Control the camera with WASD and mouse. Press left mouse button to change colormode. Created with 3 free assets from the Asset Store.

Colorerer by whuff Colorerer
by whuff


Color cube by yoris Color cube
by 🎩🐱

Match your colour with the enemy's to destroy him. If you fail to do so you will loose HP

A week later by scotaire A week later
by Scotaire

The simulation of a lifetime.

Rasputin Guessing Brain-Game by futurity Rasputin Guessing Brain-Game
by etelan

Dont move the window around or it fucks up

CamaleonCircle by solroo CamaleonCircle
by solroo

Pick a color to ignore the interaction (avoid doors (:D), but also prices (:E) (computer crashed so i had to rebuild the level)

Arbeejeetyet? by let-off-studios Arbeejeetyet?
by let-off-studios

Red Eats Blue, Blue Eats Green, Green Eats Red. Use the ARROW KEYS to move your blob, eating the smaller blobs of the required colour. Eat enough, and your own colour changes to what you were just eating. Try for a high score. Enjoy! Music by playonloop.com, and everything else by me.

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