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226th One Hour Game Jam (24 Aug 2019)

Theme: Time Travel
Started: 24 Aug 2019 at 20:00 (11 entries)
TYM by googroker TYM
by googroker

Use Z to switch between future and past, to circumvent incoming obstacles in the laziest manner possible.

trick the boss by futurity trick the boss
by etelan

time travel is a cheap trick

Stop thief! by scotaire Stop thief!
by Scotaire

The TIME MACHINE remote was stolen! 😱

Space! Asteroids! Oh no! by kultisti Space! Asteroids! Oh no!
by kultisti

There is space! oh no! There is also asteroids! Oh no! But there is also oh no! Oh no!

Not where, WHEN are we by hapee_ Not where, WHEN are we
by hapee_

Save the earth and find the 3 objects in each image

Time Traveller by whuff Time Traveller
by whuff

Travel throughout time

The Great Time Heist! (VIC 20) by puarsliburf The Great Time Heist! (VIC 20)

I made a VIC 20 game like a f#ckin' madman. You've travelled back in time to a medieval castle that is going to burn down tomorrow to raid the treasury. The treasure is rigt to your south but drat! it's locked. find the key. Walk about by typing north, east, west or south (and sometimes special words) if you can't go in a certain direction the parser simply responds "Huh?". You're gonna need a VIC 20 emulator to play this.

Fast move to the futures by tirnam Fast move to the futures
by tirnam

Move with left and right keyboard buttons :)

Office Hours by dmoa Office Hours
by dmoa

"But dmoa! This game doesn't have a playable mechanic, just stupid farts!", yes I know, let's just call it an 'experimental' game.

Golden Age by let-off-studios Golden Age
by let-off-studios

You are TIME. Move your clock face with the ARROW KEYS. Press the X or Z keys to banish the babies or the old men before they disrupt the time stream. No, it doesn't really make sense. Try for a high score. Enjoy! Plays in nearly any browser.

Rollback physics by godde Rollback physics
by godde

Rollback time with mouse wheel. Control the camera movement with WASD. Rotate the camera by holding the right mouse button.

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