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227th One Hour Game Jam (31 Aug 2019)

Theme: Pizza!
Started: 31 Aug 2019 at 20:00 (13 entries)
Pizza Game by cyborgpixelfox Pizza Game
by goof bug

i only had 20 minutes to make this game lmao.

It It's raining pizzas!
by ak_54

You're a pizzaiolo and you must catch the pizzas (lol)

Pizza Thrower Simulator by skitte Pizza Thrower Simulator
by SkiTTe

pizza throw is good

The Perfect Pizza by nilsthebest The Perfect Pizza
by nilsthebest

Fill the pizza with the correct amount of ingredients. Be careful, you have a limited amount of time! The further you get into the game, the less time you have.

Pizza Maker
by sammy.exe

Build a pizza

Spin That Pizza by hapee_ Spin That Pizza
by hapee_

Spin the pizza but not too slow and not too fast

Metahobby Metahobby's Pizza Stuff
by cpk42

make pizza fAst.

Pizza guessing game! by yoris Pizza guessing game!
by 🎩🐱

Test your pizza knowledge! Can you guess 15 Pizzas in a row? (Requires java to run)

Pizza Ninja by xenthemad Pizza Ninja
by Xen The Mad

Even an ninja's gotta make a livin'. A/D to move, Space to Jump Pick up pizzas from the pizza dispensers and deliver them to anxious customers.

A Pizza, Unfinished by l_o_u A Pizza, Unfinished
by l_o_u

We didn't finish on time :)

Swirling Pizzas by godde Swirling Pizzas
by godde

See pizzas swirl around the mouse cursor. Use WASD to move the camera. Hold right mouse button to rotate the camera.

Tomato Archer by mrchuse Tomato Archer
by mrchuse

Control little bow by mouse, try to land all five tomatoes on the pizza with minimal overlap Made with processing

Pizza Slicer by tirnam Pizza Slicer
by tirnam

Click to slice :)

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