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228th One Hour Game Jam (07 Sep 2019)

Theme: Virtual Pet
Started: 07 Sep 2019 at 20:00 (22 entries)
I built an eleflomp! by liamlime I built an eleflomp!
by 😸🍋

I did!

doggo simulator by denneledoe doggo simulator
by denneledoe

(thumbnail not related) keep your food and water above 0, while collecting coins and running away from the evil [C U B E]

Broken whale simulator by scotaire Broken whale simulator
by Scotaire

Turns out Bitsy doesn't handle long dialogues very well, and I just discovered this 10 minutes from deadline... Uploading this anyway.

Pete The Penguin by skitte Pete The Penguin
by SkiTTe

He's a needy penguin, pet, feed, and give water to our needy friend Pete.

My dear! pet by tirnam My dear! pet
by tirnam

Build a nice house for your dear! pet (Click on screen)

Pet Sim by blakeanedved Pet Sim
by blakeanedved

Play as a pet

Virtual Duck by yoris Virtual Duck
by yoris

Keep the duck happy by petting it! Requires java.

Petyourpet by paulrdy Petyourpet
by paulrdy

Pet your pet. But don't pet it too fast

Duck Souls by cpk42 Duck Souls
by cpk42

Raise yo babies

Cat Simulator by nickstersand Cat Simulator
by nickstersand

Click the cat to make it happy, click food to feed it. Might not be up yet, takes a while to upload.

Real Virtual Pet by mrjellimann Real Virtual Pet
by mrjellimann

Hello yes I am real virtual pet. Press escape at any time to return to the menu. Click on things and your pet will go to it.

by etelan

i did it

Tamarockchi by sergiocornaga Tamarockchi
by sergiocornaga

Ultra-realistic pet rock simulator. Use the mouse!

by janefan

in this game you need to look after your virtual pet like real Tamagotchi games.This game was made by two people, Alex and Jane.

The Food Doggy Likes by raccoon_js The Food Doggy Likes
by raccoon_js

Three buttons game where you can make doggy eats the falling food.

One Hour Virtual Pet by vazor One Hour Virtual Pet
by vazor

Try to befriend the pet.

Cat Booper by zoozoo Cat Booper
by zoozoo

Booping is a vital aspect of proper pet care. Click the cats' noses!

Taco Tomagotchi by tininsteelian Taco Tomagotchi
by tininsteelian

Play with your new pet taco! Feed them to increase their happiness, or drop blocks at them to make them unhappy. You can change their color and location, and move them around.

by ulcius

Pet a cat. 1 Play = 1 TOUCH. Play again and again to touch all places. You will get a reward for doing that.

by Николай


Sonic Pet by godde Sonic Pet
by godde

Pet Sonic with a cushion. Cushion follows mouse. Control camera with WASD.

Virtual cat simulator by rom1x38 Virtual cat simulator
by rom1x38

Feed, give to drink and wash your cat!

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