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Theme: Halloween
September 14th 2019

17 Games

Pumkin Lighter 2019 by etelan Pumkin Lighter 2019
by etelan

What a wonderful world!

by theduriel

Train and prepare for the skeleton war!

The Story of Jack
by josia

An interpretation of a popular Irish Christian folktale.

Helloween by jacklehamster Helloween
by jacklehamster

The year is 1978. You received a letter of invitation, from an old friend. "Dear Stan, I am hosting a party at my house, and would be delighted if you could be present. My dear Stan, I do miss you, very.. very much. Carlie." What's peculiar is that your friend, has been deceased for over 20 years!

Skeleman Solo by kloo Skeleman Solo
by kloo

Keep the skeleman standing

Trick or Treat! by zirobeat Trick or Treat!
by zirobeat

Left click to scare people!

Trick Or Treat Simulator by Xen The Mad Trick Or Treat Simulator
by Xen The Mad

Kids like candy. Give it to them. Or don't. It's up to you.

rrrrr by egel12282008mail.ru rrrrr
by egel12282008mail.ru


The ghost wants to eat.
by janefan

This game was made by two people, Alex and Jane.

Spooky Ghost by hapee_ Spooky Ghost
by hapee_

Bring as much pumpkins as you can to your tombstone and hide from the ghost to not get spotted WASD to move A surprise is waiting for you in the upper left corner

Spooky halloween game by 🎩🐱 Spooky halloween game
by 🎩🐱

Defeat the evil pumpkings square = ENTER arrows = arrows

Halloween Bounce House 2 by tininsteelian Halloween Bounce House 2
by tininsteelian

It's like the first Halloween Bounce House, except there are now two halloween bounce houses. Move the grey ghost left and right to hit a purple ghost and cause the biggest chain reaction possible!

Putting up the decorations by tophwells Putting up the decorations
by tophwells

Use the mouse to assemble a beautiful and unique Halowe'en skeleton.

Haunting Grandpa by ulcius Haunting Grandpa
by ulcius

Control the ghost of grandpa. He wants to haunt his grandkid. But while he starts moving his ghost body get smaller. He can even vanish, pufff. But he won't get smaller if he haunt anything. So haunt animals and use them as your transport method and reach your grandkid before you vanishes.

CandyGet by let-off-studios CandyGet
by let-off-studios

You're at an apartment building, hoping to get as much candy as possible on Halloween. Use the ARROW KEYS to navigate the halls, jump up to the next floor, or drop down to lower floors. Try for a high score. Enjoy! Plays in nearly any browser.

Zombie Pumpkin Smash Bros by godde Zombie Pumpkin Smash Bros
by godde

Press left mouse button to throw pumpkins at Zombies. Run the game for as long as your computer can handle it.

Pumpkin Carnival by tirnam Pumpkin Carnival
by tirnam

Control: Left, Right and Z

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