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233rd One Hour Game Jam (12 Oct 2019)

Theme: 8-bits
Started: 12 Oct 2019 at 20:00 (10 entries)
Commodore 64 quiz by cyborgpixelfox Commodore 64 quiz
by goof bug

This "game" is in Commodre 64 BASIC. You'll have to type it in.

8bitDoodNamer Live by qst0 8bitDoodNamer Live
by 👁 qst0 👁

Twitch Stream game where you name 8bit doods and spam chat for little, but some reason. Kudos.

Defend Your Bits by futurity Defend Your Bits
by etelan

WASD and Space for the menu. Click the chrome to kill them!

Legend of the eight bits by tophwells Legend of the eight bits
by tophwells

<CANCELLED> Sorry, my computer crashed while I was working on this and I lost the saved data.

A Little Bit Of ... by josia A Little Bit Of ...
by josia

How does that song go again?

8-Bit Shootah!
by mrjellimann

Little rogue-lite shooter with 8-bitish graphics

angry burger by mrcuse_2 angry burger
by mrcuse_2

You are a cook in a fast food restaurant, and you forgot to put pickles in your burger. After that, the hamburger got mad at you and started to fight with you

by ulcius

navigate 8 bits to create a byte. Avoid fire - it kill bits : ( (when 2 or more bits are in one place they turn red)

OneByteIsEightBits by jawsarn OneByteIsEightBits
by jawsarn

Get points!

8 Bit Shooter by tirnam 8 Bit Shooter
by tirnam

Click on enemies and destroy them

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