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238th One Hour Game Jam (16 Nov 2019)

Theme: Two Buttons
Started: 16 Nov 2019 at 20:00 (15 entries)
BttnDetecTest by plasmaernst BttnDetecTest
by plasmaernst

do you have the rare talent to distinguish Buttons from Non-Buttons?! Find out in this test :-O Made with flickgame.org

two buttons by rens2 two buttons
by rens2

two buttons...

Foliage by pacific_ Foliage
by pacific_

Naru the Labrador has invited you over their house... Wanna pop in for a visit?

Gravityball: Blue by PUARSLIBURF Gravityball: Blue

The fifth entry in my surprisingly long-running series about balls that interact with gravity in weird ways, the third of which to actually be released and the second remake of the first one. Left and right to bounce in that direction, even if you're in the air. In hard mode you have to restart every time you die.

by mkapolka

a strange world requires connection

Qst Juggle by 👁 qst0 👁 Qst Juggle
by 👁 qst0 👁

Press Left arrow or Right arrow to change your hand position. Try not to drop the balls!

2Buttons. And apparently Xenophobia.
by Xen The Mad

The aliens really want you to push the left button. But they're jerks. So we don't push it when they ask. Because we're jerks. And xenophobic... apparently. ...Why did I make this again...?

Systems are Fine by etelan Systems are Fine
by etelan

Based on Systems Nominal.

Speedy by feelzor Speedy
by feelzor

Avoiding faces falling from the sky soundsfun, doesn't it?

masters_of_spinjitzu.exe by goof bug masters_of_spinjitzu.exe
by goof bug


Two Buttons!
by mrcuse_2

Made alex

by zhadeoak

A physics game about the futility of choice

Sandwich Maker by tininsteelian Sandwich Maker
by tininsteelian

Make the sandwich with the most ingredients possible! Press the left and right arrow keys to move the plate. Press both keys simultaneously to move the ingredients towards the center of the sandwich with telekinesis.

The Useless Rocket on the WORSTEST game by ernesto_jesús The Useless Rocket on the WORSTEST game
by ernesto_jesús

Is a lunar lander like playable bug. Don't play this unless someone aim you with an automatic rifle.

Fight by tirnam Fight
by tirnam

Attack: X - Dodge: Z

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