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239th One Hour Game Jam (23 Nov 2019)

Theme: Mouse only
Started: 23 Nov 2019 at 20:00 (14 entries)
Richard in Cheese-town by qst0 Richard in Cheese-town
by πŸ‘ qst0 πŸ‘

πŸ€ You're Richard the Rat, a cheese loving non-mouse in a Mouse Only town. πŸ§€ It's time to Get some Cheese.

Avoid The Bombs!!! by hapee_ Avoid The Bombs!!!
by hapee_

Get the biggest score by avoiding the deadly bombs. Lasers will show you where they will land

No Rats Allowed! by tininsteelian No Rats Allowed!
by tininsteelian

Click the rats (black borders) to remove them! They're not allowed to be around the mice (white borders). Don't hurt any of the mice!

Mouse Only! by ido Mouse Only!
by Ido Adler

Click on the mouse

Only the Mice by googroker Only the Mice
by googroker

A family-friendly game of pest control for the One Hour Game Jam. Snipe the mice with left-click, but leave the other animals alone. Or don't. I'm not your dad.

Hero Mouse by ornez Hero Mouse
by ornez

Find a way to cure your friend...

Space Look by tea Space Look
by tea

Look for patters in space! (Another source engine map)

Cursor Pet
by sammy.exe

Move your cursor to move your pet!

Wingardium Mouseiosa by trolog Wingardium Mouseiosa
by trolog

​Done in one hour for the One Hour Game Jam Code : Stephen Dunn Art : Bannock & Gojirana Sound : KylaZAUR(using youtube) Throw the mouse in the hoop, Game over press Return to start again, what's your best score? You can only drag the mouse on the mat.

Zombie Invasion by truco Zombie Invasion
by truco

Survive as long as you can!

Ratones y furiosos. by cyclopi Ratones y furiosos.
by cyclopi

Ratones y furiosos. Click mouse

Mouse Rain by tirnam Mouse Rain
by tirnam

Move Mouse Only :)

Teleporting Mouse
by spyrocode

Catch the Teleporting Mouse! Sorry for the lack of.....Everything. It was my first time using TIC-80 and I barely know Lua so....

by szczm_

You're the last mouse on Mouse Earth! Will you escape the maze in time and protect your legacy? Submitted 1 day after the deadline.

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