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24th One Hour Game Jam (03 Oct 2015)

Theme: Chain Reaction
Started: 03 Oct 2015 at 22:00 (16 entries)
chainsquares by laguna chainsquares
by laguna
Bombs by pta2002 Bombs
by pta2002
by rothens
Not Available by removed Not Available
by removed

Not Available

Chain Reaction by 0xd1e Chain Reaction
by 0xd1e
Shockwave by lolfrad Shockwave
by lolfrad
Bloblobs by Norgg Bloblobs
by Norgg
ChainBall by terop ChainBall
by terop
Chemistry 101 by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹ Chemistry 101
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

Send each element of the chain into the correct colour coded beaker.

Sticks by mantlair Sticks
by mantlair
V for V2kt0r by v2kt0r V for V2kt0r
by v2kt0r
The Chain Reacts
by sorceress
ColourBomber by matt_b ColourBomber
by matt_b
ChainReactionHero by cyberammbient ChainReactionHero
by cyberammbient
Domino by pixzleone Domino
by pixzleone
Delivery by euske Delivery
by euske
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