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242nd One Hour Game Jam (14 Dec 2019)

Theme: The answer is MATH
Started: 14 Dec 2019 at 20:00 (9 entries)
Stolen math by godde Stolen math
by godde

What if you could just take a game from Unity Store and upload it?

Fractals by samurai_worf Fractals
by samurai_worf

Click the Button to add one Iteration ( up to 13 ) to the Fractal

by 👁 qst0 👁

DO MATH! Don't worry about remainders for dividing, that's too hard right? In example: 7 / 4 = 1 Also, that angle game might be a bit strange. Have... fun?

A Problem by wan A Problem
by wan

All problems can be solved with the right answer.

Math Museum by happyturtle5 Math Museum
by happyturtle5

Educational game about math.

Math except it isn Math except it isn't math
by admiral_octavio

You see, the Maths in this game is actually in the code and textures of it. You can press arrow keys to rotate everything and Z and X for zooming :D

π by dmoa π
by dmoa

left and right arrows to move. first web game in over a year!

Answer is puzzle by ulcius Answer is puzzle
by ulcius

You need to type answer to the puzzle in the form of right digits. What are right digits? Well... 0 means A. Wonder, where you can find B,C,D etc? Try find pattern and make calculations Click '=' after calculations to see if you found the pattern and the letter under it :)

Reaching the Number by tirnam Reaching the Number
by tirnam

Just reaching the number

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