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243rd One Hour Game Jam (21 Dec 2019)

Theme: Cactus
Started: 21 Dec 2019 at 20:00 (10 entries)
Needle Off by ulcius Needle Off
by ulcius

You have 3 seconds to touch all needles on cactus. Timer starts when you pres mouse button. YOU CAN'T LET GET THE MOUSE BUTTON OFF!!

Cactus Pusher by qst0 Cactus Pusher
by 👁 qst0 👁

Push Cactus. Watch out, Such Poke!

Growing cacti is hard by happyturtle5 Growing cacti is hard
by happyturtle5

Growing cacti is hard and painful.

Cactus Ninja by david Cactus Ninja
by david

Fruit Ninja But Avoid CACTUS

Lonely Cactus on Empty Floating Desert Simulator 2019 by patrickode Lonely Cactus on Empty Floating Desert Simulator 2019
by Patrickode

Wander around this sandless checkerboarded desert. There is nothing to do, nothing to see. You are alone. The idea was to walk around collecting water to not die, but dying isn't implemented. Welcome to Sisyphean torture, except you can quit out whenever you want. "Finished" in one hour, building + submission + icon took longer.

Cactusoos by vintprox Cactusoos
by vintprox

don't waste your time xD more like intro + falling block simulator

Cactus Fork by tininsteelian Cactus Fork
by tininsteelian

Operate the futuristic Cactus Fork and pick up as many pieces of bacon as possible before spiraling out of control.

Terrarium Garden by marnyarn Terrarium Garden
by marnyarn

A little text adventure about selecting the perfect succulent terrarium for you! I've just started learning python so I wanted to see how fast I could throw something together.

by szczm_

Try to keep your balloon grounded and don't pop so you don't stop. Definitely not a Flappy Bird clone.

Against Cactuses by tirnam Against Cactuses
by tirnam

Move with keyboard and Attack with mouse

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