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248th One Hour Game Jam (25 Jan 2020)

Theme: You can run, but you can't hide
Started: 25 Jan 2020 at 20:00 (16 entries)
You could run... by qst0 You could run...
by 👁 qst0 👁

You could run... from these thingies. Can you make it to the Win? Click or tap to tell your character to move!

Corre Trolo Corre by cyclopi Corre Trolo Corre
by cyclopi

https://cyclopistudio.github.io/CyloPi-Studio-Web/testing_2020/ctc/corre_trolo_corre.html Template: https://github.com/CycloPi/Fleeing_the_nightfall/commit/01267f4b15fdd7afe6ed1c31ee64528467ed93d6

by dmoa

Very short prototype I made 6 months ago under an hour. WASD to move

Recursion by david Recursion
by david

Reach the green object

RunawayEndless by surfingnerd RunawayEndless
by surfingnerd

Runaway with WASD control. You can run but you cannot hide.

H0pp3R H0pp3R's Escape
by Patrickode

H0pp3R's stuck between a couple walls and a death barrier. Help them make it out safely!

Avoid the Block by papkin Avoid the Block
by Papkin

Everything you need to do, is avoid the block "A" to move left, "D" to move right You die if you touch the Falling Blocks, or you go out from game scene

Bouncy Bullets by nyunesu Bouncy Bullets
by nyunesu

Kill some enemies, and then some more, and yeah, that is it, keep going. They'll try to find you. Get some distance before you fire your weapon (:

Keep on Running by pyromania Keep on Running
by pyromania

Press space to jump and dont fall off. press enter for full screen

Shoe Shoo by tininsteelian Shoe Shoo
by tininsteelian

Some shoes don't want to be worn...

you can you can't run but you can hide
by mumashhour

the worst stealth game in the world it's only my third game ever.. so please take it easy on me. Avoid the enemies sight by hiding behind the boxes untill you reach the finish line! ypu cant toouch the boxes tho.

You can run, cant hide tho by kometeleven You can run, cant hide tho
by kometeleven

aliens there

Seek and Run by simplymike Seek and Run
by simplymike

WASD / arrows to move :-) My first attempt for onehourgamejam took exactly two hours to make. Good start! xD

Don Don't tell me what i can't do
by tirnam

Move with the same buttons as you know

Sonic Boom Resurrection by godde Sonic Boom Resurrection
by godde

Can you reach Sonic Boom! Control Sonic with WASD and look around with the mouse. Escape the zombies somehow...

heli jump by wagwan heli jump
by wagwan

keep the bar under the heli to keep the heli in the air. but you need to get those fuelboxes.

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