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Theme: "Impossible" or "Repair"
February 1st 2020

10 Games

Impossicar Repair! by cactustown Impossicar Repair!
by cactustown

You have to rebuild a car! But uh oh, there seems to be one problem...

Computer Crash by zombitch Computer Crash
by zombitch

You got access to a new computer but it's not starting... you need to find which program fails starting and repair it and reboot computer to complete game

Sock Repair by 👁 qst0 👁 Sock Repair
by 👁 qst0 👁

Impossible not to love, Re-pair socks. Find that long lost match...

Shape pairs by tophwells Shape pairs
by tophwells

Match shapes to clear them! Make a red square and clear all the other shapes.

Thread the needle by etelan Thread the needle
by etelan

bang bang

The Target by ramor11k The Target
by ramor11k

Try to dps out the target

Repair the boat! by ornez Repair the boat!
by ornez

You have to repair the boat al all cost!

impossible spaceship by cata44 impossible spaceship
by cata44

just a game with my horse, BECAUS LOOK AT MY HORSE, MY HORSE IS AMAZING

Pear Pairs by tininsteelian Pear Pairs
by tininsteelian

How many pear halves can you re-pair before the inevitable pearpocalypse occurs?

Weird Windows by tirnam Weird Windows
by tirnam

Your windows need repair :)

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