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250th One Hour Game Jam (08 Feb 2020)

Theme: Nature
Started: 08 Feb 2020 at 20:00 (7 entries)
U R 🌳 by qst0 U R 🌳
by 👁 qst0 👁

Don't Fall. Avoid pressing WASD. Enjoy an Endless Sunset. If you fall. Roll with it.

Ultimate Tree Clicker by dilliepeckles Ultimate Tree Clicker
by dilliepeckles

Click trees. Get High Score.

nature by whenbellstoll nature
by whenbellstoll

sweet autumn child can only hang on to the leaves, if he hits the ground he will perish!

Cross the River by teamsnakedog Cross the River
by TeamSnakeDog

Cross the river by clicking and jumping on logs.

Terraform the moon by futurity Terraform the moon
by etelan

Loved making this game!

Let Let's destroy nature
by tirnam

Let's destroy nature, like always ;)

Farmula X
by Tangent

A simple farming game. Rough prototype, not much done. Password to access: farming Controls: WASD - move H - hoe C - water P - plant seeds N - next day M - harvest

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