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251st One Hour Game Jam (15 Feb 2020)

Theme: hacking
Started: 15 Feb 2020 at 20:00 (14 entries)
Haker Haker's Life
by hapee_

​WASD/ZQSD to move Hack as much PC as you can

Hacker Man
by dmoa


sup3r l33t hack3r gaem by cyborgpixelfox sup3r l33t hack3r gaem
by goof bug


Hacking Simulator by qst0 Hacking Simulator
by 👁 qst0 👁

Use your laptops... to hack! (No gameplay, just rains laptops)

Hourcraft 3: Not Done Edition by puarsliburf Hourcraft 3: Not Done Edition

Go to space and hack away at some rocks. Turns out it takes way longer to do things in Pico8 than in gamemaker so this isn't even close to done. Hold Z and press a direction to break a block in that direction. X and a direction to place a block. This game is not really worth playing.

Hacktables by lubu Hacktables
by lubu

Hack all the vegtables. All good things take time, so no rush

Hacker Cat by thecreepire Hacker Cat
by thecreepire

You are a cat with good hacker skills who must take over the world by stealing money. Collect $10,000 to win.

Rollback Hackersphere by patrickode Rollback Hackersphere
by Patrickode

You're a virus with one goal; obliterate. Roll with WASD, and ram into the golden firewall to annihilate it with your hacker-y powers.

Hack the planet! by kometeleven Hack the planet!
by kometeleven

You need to hack the planet by destroying humanity's fate in the safest mode of transport: planes.

One Minute To Hack by jacklehamster One Minute To Hack
by jacklehamster

- You have one minute to hack all the computers. - Use [space] to hack. - Only your "hacking skills" can save you. - It's harder than it looks.

HackTheGame by godde HackTheGame
by godde

Figure out whats going on before everything falls in place.

Cyry 30xx by astorek86 Cyry 30xx
by astorek86

You need to hack a Computer with a new Operating System...

Defend Against the Hacker by vantaug Defend Against the Hacker
by vantaug

Your system is being hacked, click on the green things to protect your system.

IS23 by tirnam IS23
by tirnam

Hacking password...

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