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Theme: Pilot
February 29th 2020

7 Games

Red Zeppelin by cyclopi Red Zeppelin
by cyclopi

Red Zeppelin for Mozilla Fire Fox

Pilot Episode by ulcius Pilot Episode
by ulcius

Make a pilot episode for a series. Drag a staff to a cauldron to include it into pilot episode! If you score 60 or more points your series will get funded!

PiLot by david PiLot
by david

You are Pi in the Lot

Captain Spacesphere by Patrickode Captain Spacesphere
by Patrickode

Guide the intrepid pilot extraordinaire, Captain Spacesphere, through blocky asteroid fields to the goal.

Hardhead Pilot by tirnam Hardhead Pilot
by tirnam

Click down to go up

Tst Pil0t by 👁 qst0 👁 Tst Pil0t
by 👁 qst0 👁

You have a really funky plane... Test it out, press shift to start going faster, hold it down! Can you bounce into flight without breaking the simulation? Press R to restart and use the mouse to steer!

by wagwan

made in hour ;)

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