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Theme: Fuzzy game
March 28th 2020

15 Games

FuzzyVirus2 by ne555 FuzzyVirus2
by ne555

Avoid the fuzzyVirus ! Keep your mouse safe for as long as you can.

FuzzyShoot by tablevivante FuzzyShoot
by tablevivante


Fuzzy Biker by zijo Fuzzy Biker
by zijo

This is a french game. You are playing as a biker who lost his motorbike! (! epileptic background)

Fuzzy by whuff Fuzzy
by whuff

Touch Fuzzy...

Fuzzy Terra
by KiOm

Play a game with the song "Fuzzy Game" by Zapdexio

Fuzzy Dice by tininsteelian Fuzzy Dice
by tininsteelian

Click the dice to make them stop rolling. Try to get a high score!

Fuzy easy by cata44 Fuzy easy
by cata44

fuzzy and confusing, just 2 levels because time, use arrow to deplace the little ball

by maxime


Fuzzy Rhythm by benny_b Fuzzy Rhythm
by benny_b

The game where your ear training procrastination finally pays off.

Fuzzy Land by tirnam Fuzzy Land
by tirnam

Move with arrow keys.

Fuzzy Horror by antoine250 Fuzzy Horror
by antoine250

Try to survive the fuzzy monster

Borrow Bear by let-off-studios Borrow Bear
by let-off-studios

Borrow Bear has woken up naked, again. Use the acorns to knock the squirrels out of the trees so he can build himself a new fur suit. Use the arrow keys to move. SHIFT to jump, CTRL to roar. Plays in nearly any browser. Enjoy!

Fuzzy where is Waldo? by godde Fuzzy where is Waldo?
by godde

Can you find Waldo? Change focus with mouse wheel. Click left mouse button when you find him. Hold left mouse button to zoom with mouse wheel.

Super Fuzzy by cyclopi Super Fuzzy
by cyclopi

Super Fuzzy, for Mozilla Firefox, Cyclo Pi Studio

Fuzzy Game but it Fuzzy Game but it's not a good muslim
by ak_54


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