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Theme: A game with 4 colors only
April 25th 2020

9 Games

Windows X Pay
by zijo

A game about windows XP

Colored Arrows by KiOm Colored Arrows
by KiOm

Select the right color with the right arrow key :D

Four Crystals by akip Four Crystals
by akip

Find the four crystals Space to shoot

Colour Blind by PUARSLIBURF Colour Blind

Move with arrows, collect all coins to win. Dark blue is ground, light blue is coin and black is enemies. You can't see everything at once. This game proved extremely difficult to design fun levels for and as such only has two.

What color am I? by hangarter What color am I?
by hangarter

Guess which color am I?

Simonesque by oyok2112 Simonesque
by oyok2112

Basically the classic pattern matching game

4 Colors Battle by tirnam 4 Colors Battle
by tirnam

Move with arrow keys Shoot with X Build with Z

4-Colorswitcher by astorek86 4-Colorswitcher
by astorek86

Entry for the One Hour Game Jam, Theme: 4 Colors only. Swap colors to avoid Enemies. Arrow-Keys = Move, Z = Jump, X = Swap Background-Color.

Asteroid Pelt by tininsteelian Asteroid Pelt
by tininsteelian

Shoot as many asteroids as you can before they crash into your ship!

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