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Theme: Time travel
May 2nd 2020

12 Games

TimeShifter by thevinter TimeShifter
by thevinter

In this game you rewind the level multiple times to reach the end

Gravity Cube by 89o Gravity Cube
by 89o

Click anywhere to flick your cube, and press space to respawn at the spawn point. Your only rewind your own time, everything else stays the same.

Confused Travler by maxom Confused Travler
by maxom

I have no idea how time travel works.

TimeTravelSimulator3000 by plasmaernst TimeTravelSimulator3000
by plasmaernst

Accurate Time Travel Simulator, Confidential High Technology

Handstanding by tininsteelian Handstanding
by tininsteelian

Handstand on the clock's hands for as long as possible before falling down.

Antinatalist Time Travel Dude by benny_b Antinatalist Time Travel Dude
by benny_b

Travel back in time to become unborn. Right arrow = accelerate. Left arrow = decelerate. The age is wrong and doesn't take time dilation into account. Don't mind that.

Dream of past change by tirnam Dream of past change
by tirnam

Change the past with Drag and Drop objects.

Pies of Time by hannaesthetic Pies of Time
by hannaesthetic

Pie fight between clowns but time travel?

miniminiminibraid by astorek86 miniminiminibraid
by astorek86

miniminiminibraid - travel back in time to avoid a hit by enemies.

Man baby by hangarter Man baby
by hangarter

Change ages to get items

Makafly ve te pa tu casa by cyclopi Makafly ve te pa tu casa
by cyclopi

Control: Click. For Mozilla. Cyclo Py Studio

Time-Reversed Minicosmos by tophwells Time-Reversed Minicosmos
by tophwells

A block-pushing game, played from end to start. Move into blocks to un-push them. Level design from http://sneezingtiger.com/sokoban/levels/minicosmosText.html

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