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265th One Hour Game Jam (23 May 2020)

Theme: Enemies are useful
Started: 23 May 2020 at 20:00 (5 entries)
One Bullet Gun by etelan One Bullet Gun
by etelan

You have one bullet. Hit an enemy to get it back.

Absorb Defense by nerdypie123 Absorb Defense
by nerdypie123

You have to absorb the energy of the attacking circles to use it against them and defeat them.

Baseball Lad Baseball Lad's Zombo Combo

Baseball Lad was just practicing some good ol' baseball when suddenly the dead started coming out of the ground! Building a baseball court on an old burial ground might not have been the brightest idea but hindsight's 20/20 and right now Baseball Lad's got more important things to worry about. Move with WASD, click to swing your bat and knock back the dead. If you knock a zombo into another zombo they explode and become Even More Dead (TM)

Catasteriods by jiggyp Catasteriods
by jiggyp

Cats are coming for the last pizza!! Mark Dowell - Art & Music Jake Parker - Programming

Use enemies to kill enemies by tirnam Use enemies to kill enemies
by tirnam

Move with arrow keys. Shoot with Z key.

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