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Theme: Company Management
July 4th 2020

9 Games

My Company by tirnam My Company
by tirnam

Manage your company

Company Stacker
by aaronbacon

Stack your corporate Tower as High as you can!

Manage Company by flamingfossa Manage Company
by flamingfossa

You must choose who you keep company! Click on a person to spend time with them. Watch out! As time goes on they become more needy! If you don't spend any time with people who want your company, then you'll lose them. Controls: Click to select person. Escape to quit.

Bezos Bezos by dmoa Bezos Bezos
by dmoa

You are bezos, managing workers, WASD / arrow keys to move.

idk company and stuff by etelan idk company and stuff
by etelan

press f for fullscreen

Company Liquidation by potatophusion Company Liquidation
by potatophusion

The company is being liquidated and you have to shred all records fast!

Lester the Invester by PUARSLIBURF Lester the Invester

You're Lester. You're an Invester. Up to buy, down to sell. Make as much money as possible in 85 seconds.

Company Management by qlpcuber Company Management
by qlpcuber

Get coffee victory by getting 100 coins Get more workers at the school for 10 coins.

Super Investor Simulator 1928 by Julian Kemp Super Investor Simulator 1928
by Julian Kemp

A fast paced one minute stock game <- and -> to configure buy/sell amount s to sell b to buy enter/escape for menu F10 for fullscreen

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