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38th One Hour Game Jam (16 Jan 2016)

Theme: A game based off of another IRC’ers name
Started: 16 Jan 2016 at 21:00 (16 entries)
Ratking Ratking's adventures in the sewers
by unvid
Slow Riot by samur Slow Riot
by samur
Hungry Toasty
by master_takeshi
Ratking Slayer by penthaquill Ratking Slayer
by penthaquill
meowrobot by norgg meowrobot
by Norgg
meowrobot by adreqi meowrobot
by adreqi
Get To The Toaster
by creplav
guess who
by crumpeted
Toasty Morning by socapex Toasty Morning
by socapex
Coxel by ratking Coxel
by ratking
The King is Hungry by liamlime The King is Hungry
by 😸🍋

The king is hungry! Use your detail of rats to find food!

Skeletor Vs Sorceress
by matt_b
Cubic Sandbox
by tjakka5
The Sorceress
by dollarone
Lime Gets a Game Too ;_; by totallynotliamlime Lime Gets a Game Too ;_;
by totallynotliamlime
by patient_zero
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