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45th One Hour Game Jam (05 Mar 2016)

Theme: Cake!
Started: 05 Mar 2016 at 21:00 (14 entries)
Not Available by polygontower Not Available
by removed

Not Available

Cake Splat by mrdave Cake Splat
by mrdave
Cake Shooter by samur Cake Shooter
by samur
Blow out the candles! by elementalbinary Blow out the candles!
by elementalbinary
>>>CAKE + PARKOUR 2<<<
by connor cox
Cake Invaders by magicznymichal Cake Invaders
by magicznymichal
by pta2002
by tjakka5
Memcake by mantlair Memcake
by mantlair
Happy Birthday by liamlime Happy Birthday
by 😸🍋

Celebrate all your birthdays at once in this birthday game.

by matt_b
Cakeslap! by dollarone Cakeslap!
by dollarone
Cake Throw by thunder Cake Throw
by Gaximaran
Candleblower by tegu Candleblower
by tegu

Happy birthday 1hgj! You will need LÖVE and a microphone to run this thingy. Download LÖVE from http://love2d.org/

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