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46th One Hour Game Jam (12 Mar 2016)

Theme: Puzzle
Started: 12 Mar 2016 at 21:00 (15 entries)
Color order by boltkey Color order
by boltkey
Box Puzzles
by ilseroth
Sliding Puzzle by kake_fisk Sliding Puzzle
by kake_fisk
Lights out!
by tjakka5
by secretmonkey
Horrible Knights by hacksawunit Horrible Knights
by hacksawunit
LasersToy by samur LasersToy
by samur
Antijump by fatsopanda Antijump
by fatsopanda
Puzzer by vados Puzzer
by vados
Majnsweepur by bixboxy2 Majnsweepur
by bixboxy2
Word play by adreqi Word play
by adreqi
by freaknarf
by pta2002
Love Quest by sorceress Love Quest
by sorceress
by Gaximaran
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