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Theme: When Pigs Fly
April 30th 2016

22 Games

Pig Pig's tale
by terop

Pigs are flying around the scene... (this kinda failed since I couldn't draw a pig)

Piggies quest against raging horses
by leander

Shitty game about pig

Pig Jong Un by turmionpikselit Pig Jong Un
by turmionpikselit

Wasted 30 minutes figuring out what was wrong with my turret. Nothing was just didnt see 1x4 projectiles on gray BG .... easiest part was that kim already looks like a pig

Pig Jumper by laguna Pig Jumper
by laguna

hold Space to jump, the longer you hold, the longer you jump. Help piggy to fly!

Flappy Pig!
by lost-to-time

A tour de force of imagination!

A pig without a purpose (with a laser)
by akair

Same as title :)

Touhog by hacksawunit Touhog
by hacksawunit

Shoot and move with the mouse. Shoot by holding the left mouse button.

Pigring by ulydev Pigring
by ulydev


Sky High Pig Thigh by sitebender Sky High Pig Thigh
by sitebender

Its like balloon fight in 1 hour go!

Pigs CAN fly by freshbone Pigs CAN fly
by freshbone

submit for 53rd game jam

Press Space to Play Immortal Caffeine Pig Ultra ninja V1.0 by prateek666 Press Space to Play Immortal Caffeine Pig Ultra ninja V1.0
by prateek666

Endless vertical caffeine drinking flying immortal pig with 70 years of ninjitsu experience Thank you very much XD

Baroque Pig by twix Baroque Pig
by twix

1HGJ #53 : When pigs fly Make Satan fall on the ground to save the world ! Fire using the mouse Reload the level with space

Pig Hunt by mikedx Pig Hunt
by mikedx

Shoot dem pigs as they fly across the screen!

Falling Pigs by ๐Ÿ˜ธ๐Ÿ‹ Falling Pigs
by ๐Ÿ˜ธ๐Ÿ‹

Pigs can't really fly, but the earth can move! Keep the pigs from falling too low or raising too high.

Clean pig
by atcolombini

Avoid the dark mud, be a clean pig!

Pig Shoot by dizzydwarf Pig Shoot
by dizzydwarf

Press A to shoot pigs at humans!!!

Flappy Pig by mantlair Flappy Pig
by mantlair

It's like Flappy Bird, but with a pig.

pigflight by Norgg pigflight
by Norgg

Pig-based flight simulator

by linkstudio

Arcade flying piggy thingy

Flappy Pig by Gaximaran Flappy Pig
by Gaximaran

Flappy pig. Do I really have to explain?

Trump Wins by euske Trump Wins
by euske


UV Bacon by vegard1992 UV Bacon
by vegard1992

โ€‹You're "Redneck"; the prodigal disciple of a brilliant, southern bacon-farmer. "The Farmer" decided to cut out the middle man and make his bacon in-house. He launches the pigs into the sky and to let them be fried by the sun. His disciple (you) are tasked to run around the farm with a bucket collecting the fallout. Collect Bacon, Not Bonesโ€‹. Play with the mouse.

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