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55th One Hour Game Jam (14 May 2016)

Theme: Everything Is Dangerous
Started: 14 May 2016 at 20:00 (18 entries)
Take the bull at it's horns
by leander

Just do it

You Will Die by refreshgames You Will Die
by refreshgames

Gameboy ROM - Endless falling game, avoid spikes and the walls. Not too bad for an hour! Start begins, left and right control your fall. Best emulator to run this in is called BGB - http://bgb.bircd.org/

Rick the goblin by puarsliburf Rick the goblin

Manouver Rick thorugh 5 different levels, use arrow keys to move

Scaredy Cat by crazymatt Scaredy Cat
by crazymatt

You are a cat. Get to the laser. Avoid everything else.

Avoid! Avoid! by liamlime Avoid! Avoid!
by 😸🍋

Avoid it!

The Cool Game
by gvarados

use the arrow keys or wasd to dodge the red things and the a high score

Robo Man Torture Chamber Simulator 2016 by bernardsregards Robo Man Torture Chamber Simulator 2016
by bernardsregards

Everything gets dangerous real fast. Art by @stupaah

Broken Berries by brainybeard Broken Berries
by brainybeard

WASD to move... Pick up berries, they all do something bad. My first ever attempt is badly broken, I done messed up!

Cute but Dangerous by malanox Cute but Dangerous
by Rafael Gallo

Avoid everything. By Anayã and Gallo

Digit Danger by hacksawunit Digit Danger
by hacksawunit

Press the 2, 6, 4, and 8 keys when they are green. For the most fun, play with only one finger.

Bomb Floor by acr515 Bomb Floor
by acr515

Find a way to the exit door. The floor explodes beneath you.

Beware: Danger by dollarone Beware: Danger
by dollarone

Beware: Danger

Realism by thesloveniandevil Realism
by DevilLime

The most realistic game ever!

by matt_b

post-1hgj version, with music & sfx by Juhani Junkala

EVERYTHING is dangerous by thunder EVERYTHING is dangerous
by Gaximaran


Craft Dangers by mantlair Craft Dangers
by mantlair

You craft dangers and try them.

Die ******** die!
by akair

Die. Please!

Bomb-Bomb Chan by euske Bomb-Bomb Chan
by euske


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