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57th One Hour Game Jam (28 May 2016)

Theme: Space
Started: 28 May 2016 at 20:00 (14 entries)
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apocalypse by paul apocalypse
by paul

survival game

Space Fun by gvarados Space Fun
by gvarados

Don't let the evil space rocks steal your fuel!!

Asteroid Fall by xlinkfrostx Asteroid Fall
by xlinkfrostx

You are an Asteroid that is always falling. The goal is to get to the light at the end of space before the Gray gets you.

Drift through space
by akair

Drift through space...

move a spaceship. that move a spaceship. that's it.
by alyphen

move a spaceship, there are no aims.

Rocket Reflex by mrdave Rocket Reflex
by mrdave

Oh no you’ve encountered an asteroid field on your quick trip through space in your shiny new rocket ship - time is of the essence: dodge those comets now! Press the space bar to switch course and avoid being hit by the rocks!

Space Lasers by dragonfire Space Lasers
by dragonfire

You can only touch the lasers of your color. W A S D to move. Touch the color boxes to change color.

Space Survival Data Folder
by gorka

This is the data folder for the space survival game

Yes we were recording(60 seconds)
by pantzmcgee

Silly game, from last week enjoy!

No sun render by Norgg No sun render
by Norgg

Direct the evil planets to a fiery demise in the sun.

Roid Rage by matt_b Roid Rage
by matt_b

post-jam version

Super Nova by Gaximaran Super Nova
by Gaximaran

Don't let the stars go super nova.

Escape to Space by crefossus Escape to Space
by crefossus


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